Telegramic: What's new? #Jan2019
Let's see what the Telegramic #Jan2019 update brings to us. There are many things you may want to give a chance!

2 years, 5 months ago
Telegramic: What's new? #Jan2019

The new update is now available to be discovered by you! It brings new features and functionalities as stated below:

1. Now it's possible to watch the contents or follow the people in order to get the latest news about.

Follow someone or watch something, then look at your my feed page. You'll see the latest activities of the objects you follow or watch. In order to see a user's latest activities, visit their activities page.

2. Content preferences for hiding or blurring NSFW content is now available to all users.

Go to the "Update Profile" page and you'll see the options to control NSFW contents.

3. A new and useful footer section.

There are much more links than before. They'll help you to use Telegramic more efficiently.

4. Single review and all reviews pages:

Now it's possible to view a single review and share it by its link so. Take a look at that.

As you can see in the page linked above, it's also possible to view all reviews of the content in a more handy page. Soon there'll be a chance to reply to the reviews.

5. And some hidden gems...


Did you know?

The section between the previous and the next buttons in the pagination buttons allows you to go to a specific page directly. Just click it and type the page number you want to go.