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Frequently Asked Questions

Tron Biz Bot
1 year, 6 months ago
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What is Tron Biz ?

Tron biz is a telegram bot that any common man can join. The bot was started as a helping plan. Our aim in this plan is to generate a large income with a small ID activation fee.

How to active my account?

10 T RX is required to activate your account. You will see a button called deposit in the bot. After clicking on it you will get a deposit address. You can deposit 10 TRX to it. After that your account will be actived within 3 - 5 minutes

What is referral income?

Referral income is a method that you will get only when your account is active. A unique link is provided in the bot for you to invite others. You can invite your friends using that link.

Earn extra some bonus for every referral ( 0.01 to 0.1 TRX )

Level 1: When your invitees activate their account, you get 25% of their deposit

Level 2: You will get 15% when your invitees invite someone else and they
activate their account.

Level 3: Similarly, you will get 10% of that when the people you invited invite
someone else and they invite someone else and they activate their account.

What is auto-filling?

Not everyone who joins the bot is through an inviter. That is why a user who has an active ID in the bot will be given as an inviter to a person who does not have an inviter who joins the bot. Through this he gets referral income without directly inviting someone. He gets level 2 & level 3 income through it. In short, income will come to you even if you just sit there. A completely random selection will take place here.

What is minimum withdrawal?

Our minimum withdrawal is only 5 TRX

Any another earning methods?


1. Referral Contest ( Ongoing )
2. Giveaway ( Ongoing )
3. Tasks ( Upcoming )

and more methods will be added as soon as possible