Creators Guideline
Use our advanced tools for free! Here's how to do it.

3 weeks, 4 days ago
Creators Guideline

You've proven your ownership of your content. A great step! There are still some easy steps we think you should also take. These steps will make your content visible to more people and you'll get full advantage of Telegramic. I'll help you get it all done!

Rating + Comment = ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💬 = Rise and shine! 😎

Without reviews, we wouldn't be able to understand what people think about a content. That's why we attach great importance to reviews.

If your content has no reviews, it probably won't attract people's attention. To overcome this, you should ask your users if they can rate your content and do a review.

We've made it incredibly easy to do a review for a content. The only thing you need is the rating URL of your content which is automatically generated. When users click on this URL or a button containing this URL within the Telegram app, it will show a conversation with Telegramic Bot and a "Start" button will appear on the bottom to start review process.

We use a special algorithm in our review system. Read more about our review system and the algorithm used.


  • Visit the web page of your content on Telegramic and copy the "Rating URL" on the profile card section of the page. (Only visible to the user who owns or added the content)
  • Either share this URL directly with your users on Telegram so they can click on it to do a review, or put this URL in a button. A button generator bot can be used to have a such button.
  • You can also use @tlgrmcbot to publish a menu of your content in any chat using the inline menu. Type this in a chat: `@tlgrmcbot botfather`

Issue Management Tool

Your users may need to ask a question about your content, report a problem they encountered, share an idea that can make your content more attractive. All these situations require you to have a bridge between you and your users.

We've created this bridge for you and called it "Issues". Thanks to Issues, your users can create new issues with a type of question, problem or idea.

There are two ways of creating an issue:

  • You can share the Telegramic menu of your content. Use that inline command in any chat to share a menu for your content: @tlgrmcbot <username>.

  • You can redirect your users to the Issues sub page of your content on the Telegramic website. For example, it's located here for the Telegramic channel.

To get a notification for every new issue created for your content, you should enable issue notifications on the editing page of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

If you want to inform your users about some topic or if you get the same question too many times, you can create a FAQ with an answer to make things easier and faster.

Go to the F.A.Qs sub page of your content and use the "Create New" button to add a new frequently asked question. That's all!