Telegramic: What's new? #Feb2019
Content menus, new sorting mechanism, notifications for actions, and more...

2 years, 4 months ago
Telegramic: What's new? #Feb2019

New features for content owners

If you have a Telegram bot, channel or group and proved your ownership on Telegramic, there are many new features you may be interested in.

Content notifications

It's now possible to get a notification via Telegramic Bot for each new review and issue that created for your content! Go to your content's page and see new settings. You will also be informed when your content has been approved.  

Content menu URLs

There was only one URL for contents; the rating URL, which makes it easy to get a review from users via Telegramic Bot, but now there's a new type of URLs; the content menu URL to get a menu for a content in the chat with Telegramic Bot.

You can copy and use this URL somewhere in your content (the description field for groups, a url button for bots, a pinned message for channels, etc.) just like you use the rating URL.

Once your user clicks the content menu link or the button containing this link, Telegram will switch to the chat with Telegramic Bot and there'll be a /start button, as soon as the user clicks this start button, will get a menu for your content. Or sure anyone can simply write the @username of the content. Let's see the content menu we're talking about:

content menu

This menu makes it easy for users to create a new issue, add or update a review and see issues, reviews, frequently asked questions. Last but not least, there is also a button in this menu to help your users to share your content with their friends. Want to try all? Click here and get a menu for our Telegram channel.

As an example of what would happen if a user touches one of these buttons in the content menu, we want you to see the issue creating menu below.

For users as well

By adding new features to Telegramic Bot, we've made it easy to take actions for a content.

Content menus

Now users can get a menu for a content that exists on Telegramic, by sending its @username as a message. Are you willing to do it now? Open a chat with @tlgrmcbot on Telegram, type @newestchannels and send it! Here's a short way; click here.

The short story is that it's now easier to create an issue, add or update a review, see the latest reviews and issues and even frequently asked questions for a content, without leaving Telegram.

Ready to try the inline mode to get a menu?

The inline mode also helps you to get a menu and information about a content. The difference between the inline mode and the regular way is that you can share the inline result in a chat easily. Try typing @tlgrmcbot newestbots in a chat, then you'll get an inline result to share the channel @newestbots.

Notifications for issue replies

If you, as a user, create an issue for a content, then you'll also get a notification for new replies. So no need to check for the new replies each second. Besides, as you may already know, we've announced the activity feeds feature and the following system in the previous update's article last month.

Rating and sorting algorithm

After now, we'll be using the Bayesian average algorithm in the rating and the sorting system of Telegramic.

Do you want to know more about? Here is more information:

The old system, which's based on the basic average of the stars (= the sum of stars / the total number of votes), will still be appearing instead of the result of the new algorithm, to avoid conflicts. We're going to use the new Bayesian average algorithm's benefits in the sorting mechanism.

Changes on anonymous reviews

We've made it a little hard to leave an anonymous review or rating since there are many of them currently. Users have to have at least 50 reputation points to make their reviews or ratings anonymous. 

That's all for now!

February, 2019
The Telegramic Team